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COVID19 has been something which has affected the whole world one way or another. Half a year ago, who would have thought what the world was getting into. Where this pandemic has consumed a lot of lives, it has left many of us into a trauma beyond repair. On a brighter note, there are hundreds of thousands of survivors who fought bravely against the virus and many more who were their supporting their families in these miserable times.

The most significant consequence of the pandemic has been depression and anxiety. This did not only affect the victims and their families but the whole world. Everyone has suffered from anxiety or depression due to the economic crisis and global lockdowns. Noteworthy are those who have been in great distress due to actions of their employers.

Economic crises led many companies into laying-off existing employees. New hiring was stopped immediately after the lockdowns were imposed in different parts of the world and it is expected that there would be slow hiring for the remaining 2020. Millions of people around the globe are under great stress due to pandemic as well as its impact on their professional lives.

We have been lately witnessing great unrest in people due to lost jobs, cuts in salaries, indefinite unemployment and more. One of another dilemma has been the not so accommodating employers who could have helped their employees in these extreme times but preferred not to.

We wish to enlighten such problems of individuals who are not seen or heard by their seniors or employers which lead them to depression and anxiety. It is no doubt difficult time but our word can save many from getting in emotional and mental discomfort.

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