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Internship – temporary or short time working opportunity to gain real-time experience. This definition sounds beautiful, right! The biggest advantage of achieving an internship in a reputed company is considered to be a window of opportunity. Individuals think it might be the beginning of a successful career. Final year students and fresh graduates look for internship programs considering these might open doors to bright future believing them to be the blessing of the lord.   

It is mostly believed by individuals that they have found the perfect internship but soon they start to experience challenges that they don’t understand how to manage. Unfortunately these opportunities have caused more suffering to individuals than helping them achieve successful life. Finding a good internship is pretty hard too as there is great competition and everyone is looking for opportunity.

The most discussed dilemma of working as an intern is under or unpaid internships. It is found that many employers tend to pay very less compared to expenses of interns. They are forced to work with no or minimum financial return making it difficult for them to carry on work. It has been found that many employers don’t even pay enough to cover commute and food expenses on interns.

Interns also bear the burdened of excessive work. They are often given lots of work which is usually not even utilized. Employers and supervisors often forget that interns are new in the industry and they need training and support to work effectively. Instead they make them work a lot without telling them the right way to do it.    

We hope that employers consider interns important and start treating them better. Interns come up with high hope of getting real-time experience and they are full of energy and motivation.

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