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The first step of hiring in an organization is usually considered to be a well-written and well-explained job description. Whenever a company is looking for hiring a new employee, it is considered of them to perform a good research about the vacant position and elaborate it in the best possible way. These also help to eradicate any misunderstandings between the hiring authorities and applicants.

Job descriptions are vital to applicants as they consider it as a reference to their credentials. An applicant would look at the job description usually known as JD and compare it to the education, experience and other requirements. Job descriptions are the first filter for applicants to evaluate if they qualify for the job opening or not.

Unfortunately there have been examples where companies tend to work less on job descriptions. They take it casually as they are found hiring occasionally and don’t consider it to be very important. It is indeed very important to applicants. A poor laid job description leads to many discrepancies which affect the life of employees.

One of our team members used to work at an organization where the human resource department was very weak at putting job descriptions. Applicants when called for interviews were found very surprised and considered it a waste of time as the interviewer asked questions which were never in line with the job ads.

Vague ads lead to inadequate hiring. Many employees were terminated during probation periods as they were asked for duties which they never intended to do. A manager would ask them to do tasks which they weren’t aware of or they never had the experience of. They were evaluated for duties which they never thought of importance at the time of application.

A job description is just not a tool for good hiring but for evaluating employee’s performance too. Organizations should emphasize and work on creating adequate job descriptions so employees don’t find themselves lost.

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