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One of the most significant discrimination experienced by women at work is gender bias. Women are judged and criticized for what they wear at work. They even get attacked for their appearance. Dressing is more of a personal decision rather than wearing what satisfies others. There have been incidences where it is accepted by men that it’s fine to judge a woman by her appearance.  

 Women are often criticized for what they wear but on the other hand men aren’t said a single word even if they tend to come in jeans and t-shirts. Women are told to wear professional clothes but same rules are not imposed on men.  Women are often found asking their supervisors if their attire does affect their quality of work. An employee should be judged by the quality of work instead of the appearance.

Worst is where women specifically work on their outfits and still they are criticized as it’s in their boss’s head. Even if women follow office manual on the professional dressing and appearance still they get to face gender bias and harassment all the time.  

Many believed that only third world or developing countries go through such issues but recently with the Me Too movement it has been recognized that it happens all over the world. Women should not be treated any different than men. This discrimination has to end otherwise our future generations will suffer from it more than ever.

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