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Who would have thought of the world we are living right now. Half a year ago things were pretty different from today. The world got hit by a pandemic and its impact was beyond anticipation. Most of the countries in the world were forced to impose lockdown one after the other. Gradually we experienced living in the world with no one allowed to go to work.

Many of us are now aware of the term work from home (WFH). WFH was believed to be the only solution employers could find to retain employees in these crucial times. We are well aware that workplace stress is a global dilemma but WFH has made things even worse for many. It was considered that WFH has many advantages like flexible schedule, no commuting and a better work-life balance which will lead to increase in productivity. Unfortunately along with these benefits there are a lot of drawbacks which are causing great anxiety and depression to employees.

The stress of not having social interactions is very common for the individuals who used to work at workplaces full of coworkers. Remote workers often feel lonely before they even realize and it leaves a negative impact. Social isolation is considered as a factor contributing to anxiety in individuals who WFH.

Mobile devices are a big reason for stress in employees working from home. Employers think they can assign work to employees whenever they wish to. There have been incidences where managers emailed an individual to submit reports by morning or to finish work by the end of the day when they knew it will take the employee whole night. Flexibility doesn’t mean that a manager can ask for work anytime. Individuals who are not able to finish work in daytime think of finishing it at night which disturbs their sleep cycle as well.

Employers and managers should help employees to manage stress of working from home. WFH doesn’t mean that an employee is bound to answer emails and texts all time of the day. A schedule should be followed and employers should think better of employees.

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