Lazy Managers

Lazy Managers

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Workplaces are sometimes full of negativity which can lead employees to great stress and anxiety. Having a lazy manager is one of them. There are many of us who have worked or are still working under such slackers.

A lazy manager would normally assign their work to juniors instead of doing it themselves. The subordinates have to do their own work as well as that of the manager. This leads to demoralized employees who experience stress and depression due to overwhelming workload. Before anyone would notice, this would plunge the whole department’s productivity.

The slackers would spend most of their time using social media applications, online shopping, taking long breaks for lunch and attending their personal calls. These managers might seem very busy to others but only their subordinates could understand what they actually do.

At the start, these managers might seem nice but eventually you’ll get to know that these managers may ruin your career as well as your temperament. Unfortunately, it’s not just one individual but whole department go through difficulties. It is understood by most that many of us leave jobs largely due to the managers we work under.

Impacts of lazy bosses are brutal. It does not only impact the productivity of the employees but it does also affect them mentally. It is also studied that a slacker would lead to dishonest behavior among staff. Lazy managers are toxic to work environment. These does not only affect employees but they also impact on organization’s performance.  

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